Vehicle Lettering

Adding your business name and contact details to your vehicle is a great way to gain more exposure in your local area. Our vinyl material is weather-resistant so ideal for use outdoors and can be easily removed without damaging the surface of your vehicle.

How it works

Vehicle Lettering is a great way to promote your business (or product) whilst you're out and about! Using custom cut, weather-resistant vinyl, here's how we apply the lettering for you - all done within a matter of hours!

    Step 1. Before applying, we examine the car for any defects and clean the area where the lettering will be applied. This helps remove any dirt or residue and will allow the lettering to stick better.

    Step 2. We then apply specialist transfer tape over the custom cut letters and using a squeegee, rub firmly across the letters through the transfer tape. This helps the letters cling to the transfer tape and removes any air bubbles.

    Step 3. After this, we remove the backing sheet from the vinyl and lightly spray with a water solution to help us align and position the letters to where they will be placed. This is based on the design that the customer has approved with the design team.

    Step 4. Once the letters have been positioned, we lower the vinyl onto the surface slowly and use a squeegee to firmly smooth it into place, removing any liquid or air bubbles underneath. We then leave the vinyl for an hour to allow the material to settle into place.

    Step 5. After the vinyl has settled, we then peel away the transfer tape and use a squeegee to remove any remaining air bubbles or liquid. We then use a micro-fibre cloth to remove any remaining residue and ensure a clean smooth finish.

    Step 6. You can drive away with your new vehicle lettering!