Digital Wrap

If you're looking for an eye catching way to advertise your business, then look no further than a Digital Vinyl Wrap. Using a combination of text and graphics, we can create a visually striking design for your vehicle that will turn heads as you drive by. Our vinyl is weather-resistant, so perfect for use outdoors and can be removed easily without damaging the paint on your vehicle.

How it works

Digital Wrap is a great way to promote your business (or product) whilst you're out and about! This is an intricate process, as we need to wrap the material to each curve and bend on the vehicle, so can take several days depending on the complexity of the wrap. However once applied the vinyl can last up to 5 years!

    Step 1. Before applying, we examine the car for any defects and clean the area where the wrap will be applied. This helps remove any dirt or residue and will allow the lettering to stick better.

    Step 2. Prior to the initial checks and cleans, the vinyl needs to be prepared for fitting. The design that has been approved by the customer is printed and then left to de-gas. This process allows the print to dry and any gases to dissipate. Depending on the amount of ink and darkness of the colours, it can take between 24 to 48 hours to fully de-gas.

    Step 3. After the material has been de-gassed, it is then laminated. This helps to improve the colour vibrancy and make the graphics scratch resistant. This also offers UV Protection to the graphics, meaning that the colours will not fade when exposed to the sun. It is important to ensure the material has de-gassed before laminating. If the material is laminated immediately after printing, this will create bubbles between the vinyl and the laminate.

    Step 4. Once the material has been de-gassed and laminated, it is cut into smaller, more manageable pieces to work with. Then, panel by panel, the vinyl is lowered onto the vehicle surface slowly and firmly smoothed into place, using a squeegee to remove any air bubbles underneath. Any excess material is trimmed. Once all of the vinyl has been applied, it is then left for an hour to allow the material to settle into place.

    Step 5. After the vinyl has settled, we then start the post-heat process. Using a specialist heat gun, we slowly heat the vinyl to mould it to the curves and bends on the vehicle and help the material adhere more accurately. Without this process, air bubbles are likely to appear in the contours of the vehicle.

    Step 6. Once the post-heat process has been completed and the vinyl has cooled down, we then use a micro-fibre cloth and special cleaning formulas to remove any remaining residue and ensure a clean smooth finish.

    Step 7. You can then drive away with your new digital wrap!