Stickers & Decals

Add some personality to your vehicle with our self-adhesive stickers and decals. With any design imaginable, these are simple to apply and can be removed easily without damaging the paint on your vehicle. Custom cut using a water-resistant vinyl, you can be assured that your decals will stick with you through all weathers!

How to apply

Decals are quick and easy to apply - anybody can do it! Use the following steps for a smooth, professional application.

    Step 1. Before applying, clean the area thoroughly using soap and water. Do not use cleaning sprays as these may leave a residue which can affect the adhesive of the sticker.

    Step 2. Using a squeegee or similar tool, rub firmly across the decal through the transfer tape. This will help the sticker cling to the transfer tape and removes any air bubbles.

    Step 3. Remove the backing from the decal. If the sticker still clings to the backing, slowly replace the backing and repeat step 2.

    Step 4. Lower the decal onto the surface slowly and use the squeegee to firmly smooth it into place. We recommend allowing 24 hours for the sticker to settle before proceeding with step 5.

    Step 5. Slowly peel away the transfer tape at an angle, being careful not to pull the decal from the surface. If you find the decal is also peeling away, repeat step 4.

    Step 6. Step back and admire your new car decal!